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At iCFO Capital, we provide value to our clients through a variety of tools, including our Investment Conference series, Business Plan / Investment packaging, and Interim CFO consulting. Due to the strategic relationships that have been developed by iCFO Capital founding management, our clients have the unique opportunity to network with a wide range of accredited Investors such as high net-worth Individuals, VC firms, private equity funds, non-profit foundations, and top investment entities.


Our unique approach is to utilizing our highly specialized skills, deep understanding of your business and capital needs before introducing exciting small-cap businesses and your investment offerings. Our Shared Services team including providing critical access to our investors, the network of alternative funding solutions, drive sales and profitability from pre-acquisition through post-exit to ensure the success of your company.

Starting off

What is Your Financial strategy? We use CFO perspectives and our resources to drive your business success. We believe that any successful financing is based upon thorough preparation prior to showing your opportunity to a potential investor. Our strategy is to assist each client with creating or fine-tuning a comprehensive package of information from which our investors can base their funding decisions.

Phase one

Find The Right Fit Investors Save time and resources. No matter what stage your company is in, we can find the right fit investors to your needs. We provide a complete solution for your “roadshow” program access to our network of investors for your roadshow program Nationwide.  Our investment banking partners can participate in and help small and lower middle market business source private equity to meet objectives.

Phase two

We offer Strategic Planning and Execution. What separates a successful startup is a high level of planning and execution.  We partner with our Venture group that provides successful technology planning, implementation, and development is key to bringing to life an entrepreneur's vision.  Our venture partners in-house technology leaders, developers, designers, and engineers have the expertise to deliver bleeding-edge experiences. Including providing premier engineered design and manufacturing solutions together with value-added logistical services, Marketing, and Sales with extensive marketing experience, we can help determine this and create an optimal sales organization to grow.

Phase three

Creating Liquidity for Investors. There are distinct advantages to going public working with ICFO Capital: We start off by identifying our strategic investors that can fund your company and raise additional capital after going public. In addition, our strategic investors can provide shareholders to start with, introducing you to an investor pool of public traded investors. A public status your company can also provide favorable terms for alternative financing from public and private investors.