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Financial Consultants

iCFO financial consultants come from a broad variety of industries and go through a careful screening and training process. This ensures that each of our clients receives professional service and guidance, all from a CFO perspective. Because iCFO has such a large base of financial consultants, we can choose one that will be the best fit for each client and will be the most capable of helping every client meet their business's financial goals. Financial Consultants

Reason For Failure & iCFO Antidote

Over expansion

iCFO strategic planning, cash flow projections, and sales/trend forecasting provide the information that business owners need to determine whether or not the company can manage the cost of expansion. Once a decision has been made, iCFO budgeting services can help keep expenses in check during the carefully planned expansion process


You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your iCFO consultants to prepare detailed monthly financial statements that give business owners a firm grasp on profits and losses. More importantly, iCFO provides clients with cash flow projections and expense streamlining that will help minimize unnecessary expenditures and free up funds for priority expenses  

Lack of reserve

iCFO puts all of our financial consultants through a unique training program that emphasizes smart finance management based on data from a broad range of industries. Our consultants use these data-based metrics to ensure that clients are in line with industry standards for capitalization, cash flow, profitability, and funds in reserve    

Poor execution

iCFO is built on the premise that the best decisions are well-informed decisions. Using our experience and knowledge base, iCFO consultants are able to bring the best practices from a variety of industries to our clients and their business. Importing these concepts allows our clients to refine their policies and protocols to maximize profitability instead of losing dollars on poorly designed procedures

Compliance Services

Risk management has grown increasingly complex over the years, prompting organizations to increase the size and reach of their risk management functions. But this hasn’t necessarily resulted in more effective coverage. Many organizations now have multiple risk functions that exist in silos and are disconnected from one another and the company’s broader business strategy.

This lack of coordination can actually hinder an organization’s ability to manage and capitalize on risk. We can help you achieve a highly functioning, integrated risk, and control environment that will help you decrease complexity and cost while improving the performance and protection of existing assets. Leading organizations are creating a competitive advantage through practical yet valuable improvements to the way risk is managed. The opportunity to do so has never been stronger.


Registration Statements

Assistance with Periodic SEC Reporting

Representation in front of IRS, FTB, EDD & BOE

Business Combinations (M & A) due diligence


Assistance to Attorneys, Investment Bankers